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Here at Alamo Speed Shop we have over 200 years of  Experience in Technology. This Experience has a broad spectrum from  Automotive, Aerospace, Weapons, Machining, Welding, Design,  Electrical/Electronics and many others. Our Team takes all of this  Experience and Knowledge combined to provide our Customers the Finest  and Most Reliable package for their Street Car and or Hot Rod. 


Alamo Speed Shop is a full Automotive Performance Parts Retail  and Speed Shop.  We have over 300 Lines of Speed and Custom Parts. We  specialize in Street, Hot Rod and Custom Vehicles.  We offer Chassis  building for Hot Rod to Street Car, Performance to Custom Exhaust,  Induction Systems from Carb, Turbo, Injected, Blown or combinations.  We  provide Custom Fabrication to full Machining & Welding Service.  We  take pride in extending Prompt and Friendly service throughout our  Organization.  If you can Dream it up, we can make those Dreams a  reality. 

 Alamo Speed Shop was founded in the late 1990s and is located in San  Antonio, Texas.  Owner Roy Hendon is an accomplished Drag Racer and  continues to support Hot Rod and Custom Car industry.  

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