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Emergency Vehicles
ALAMO Speed Shop has commitments to retrofit and upgrade police and emergency vehicles for area departments.  When Safety and Reliability is vital, especially when Human Life is at risk, there is only one way. According to Standards. 

Standards like SAE, MIL, ASTM and so many others that have provided parts, components and processes which are used in Professional Racing to Aero Space.  We provide our customers this high standard of service. 

The following will provide examples of various installations whose process and or standards are acceptable for high production, just get it done, make it work mentality.

Examples of the standards and process we follow at ALAMO Speed Shop provide our customers with the same Safety and Reliability used in Racing and Space Tecnology.

BEFORE - When we recieve Vehicle for Decommissioning

Upon receiving vehicles for decommissioning, the following is examples of what is discovered when we remove panels and disassemble consoles to recover Radios, Siren Boxes and various Units for re-installation. These pictures show the Standards or lack of on previous installations which could cause failure or anomalies during use.

    Under passenger floor mat (Crown Vic)                                       Inside Console (Crown Vic)
              Inside Console (Crown Vic)                                           Inside Console (Crown Vic)

    Inside Console (Crown Vic)

SEO Standard Options - Police Package and Special Service Package in the Tahoe are equipted with additional harnesses which supply key-on and batt power. These provide a ample power source for new equipment that contain LED lighting. Older light bars and components that have Hologen bulbs require additional power source cable for the additional loads. Using the SEO harnesses and following Higher Standards and good Workmanship Processes and Procedures the end result will provide you with a Safe and Reliable Unit.

AFTER - The way we Wire a Unit

The following pictures show the Standards and Processes we follow here at ALAMO Speed Shop in order to provide our Customers the Highest Quality of Safety & Reliability.

       Inside Console SEO wires (2012 Tahoe)       Inside Console DVR & Code 3 wires (2012) Tahoe

                       Inside Console (2012) Tahoe                              Inside Console (2012) Tahoe

            Inside Console (2012) Tahoe       Additional Power Cables Left Side of Terminal (2012) Tahoe

    Additional Power Cable Routing (2012) Tahoe

                                                               Driver Side View (2012) Tahoe

Console View ( Crown Vic)

2012 Tahoe LED/Hologen Light Bar, GPS,                                    2012 Tahoe Troy Partition
Wireless Comm and Radio

            Whelen Internal Directional Bar                                               Whelen LED Light Bar








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